20k QSOs, Top band in progress

by / Sunday, 02 November 2014 / Published in news

As planned, we ended the antenna setup. Last night we put a beacon on 50.105MHz CW with one of our spare transceiver. Almost immediatly a hundred of contacts in Asia, Europe and Africa have been achieved.

We worked today to improve our low band RX. Even if a lot of contacts have been done already, we have some difficulties to receive on low bands, especially on 160m. We hope that it will help a bit. High bands are amazing and open almost around the clock.

Thanks to respect the operator instructions to give a chance to all regions of the world. The good propagation toward most of the regions generate big pile-up whatever mode or bands. To keep the rate we are sometime using a wide split, mostly on SSB.

Using a narrow split would generate slower rates. Those who have been already in such rare country will understand easily ! We made already 20000 qso. For the moment, we are close to our objective for each region of the world. Thanks for your cooperation and for sharing your informations with us through our pilots.

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