FT4TA Story-book

by / Wednesday, 25 February 2015 / Published in news

Dear friends,

Our emissions from Tromelin stopped a few months ago. Since, we have been very busy by many subjects. You undoubtedly read the news of our QSL cards (in progress), our equipment boxes are on the way back, we have been able to debrief on several occasions with the TAAF.

We are happy to show you today the complete report of our expedition.


For each operation, stories are very often quite similar. It is difficult in a few lines not to be limited to the banalities of the antenna setup , the conditions of propagation, and some statistics.
We choose to write a report which would tell in details all that one would like to know in connection with such adventure: the « behind the scenes” of FT4TA !
In these days with of DQRM, anonymous and nasty comments, it does not exists a better answer than explaining, and try to sensitize, show the work done for a so ambitious project.

For the others, a large majority, organizers of expeditions themselves, those who would like to start a project, or DX lovers, let us hope that our story will make you dream.

Please follow the link bellow to consult the online book of FT4TA:

French version: http://blur.by/1KGFCIT

English version http://blur.by/1LziqfS
It is also possible to order the « printed » version.

This communication will probably one of the last for this project. Thanks again for your support and see you soon for new adventures.