QSL Routes

Logbook of the World

We promised to upload the log to LoTW within six months of the end of our operation. We think, it will be very much earlier. We are conscious that many of you want to credit Tromelin to their DXCC before the end of the year and we’ll make our best to give the possibility of it.


OQRS system is now in use on most of the recent DX operations and it gives satisfaction. It makes possible to save time and money. To achieve that, we are going to use clublog’s system at the following adress :

Our QSL manager will process the request regularly and send the card through the buro or direct according to the selected option.

Direct QSL card request

Cards should be sent to :

Yann Weber, F1NGP
30 rue des bleuets
57070 Metz

Note :

–    do not send envellopes with stamps of your country, it doesn’t work in France
–    enclose a self-adrresses envellope of sufficient size. No labels-only please !
–    2$ covers the cost of sending 1 or 2 cards – Euros can be used. We accept also IRC (only those valid until 12/2017). If an anomaly occurs, cards will be sent via the buro.
–    Donation are very welcome and will help us to cover the high expenses made to bring Tromelin back on the air after nearly 10 years of silence.

Buro request

The cards received via buro (F1NGP) will be returned by the same way. In order to facilitate the treatment and to accelerate the response time, we invite you to use the OQRS system where an option « buro » is available.

Thanks to do not multiply the sendings (Direct+Buro or OQRS+Buro).


As we announced, those having carried out a higher or equal to 15€/20$ donation (by using our Paypal account) will receive their direct QSL card without having to make the request of it. No further action is needed.

SWL request

We will answer the SWL cards with pleasure. Thank you to clearly indicate information of the listened contact (callsign, date, hour, mode, band).